Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

i cannot stop thinking about:

• the creepy, smoothed-out-jeff-sessions-puppet-lookin guy at the debutante ball
• the creepy plastic surgeon
• the terrifying crowd at cpac chanting “usa/four more years” as a response to a prank
• the “beat you!” joke when they arrive at the garden store
• the awful doctor at the womens’ healthcare center
• the women who actually kind of stand up to the awful shit borat and tutar do/say
• the way this movie had to change so quickly as a response to current events and how it’s woven in so smartly
• the impeccable discovered talent that is maria bakalova
• how seeing the phrase “feminist borat” as either an oxymoron or an obvious progression is a litmus test for your understanding of what is supposed to be funny/interesting about borat
• the apolitical sweetness of the conservative women’s forum
• the synagogue scene
• judith & doris :’)
• jeanise jones :’)
• the argument between borat and tutar outside the plastic surgeon and how it takes place entirely in front of an uber driver who’s waiting to pick her up
• how this movie was filmed
• how unbelievably stupid rudy giuliani has to be to even get compromised as far as he was
• the ‘twist’ reveal when we see the streets are empty
• the twist reveal of borat being patient zero
• the scripted parts in ‘kazahktstan’
• tom hanks
• the depressing ubiquity of insane Qanon theories and how they’ve dispersed so thoroughly across america

there are segments of this movie that belong on upworthy and then there are (many many) segments that give me the same feeling as scott’s tots or when kendall roy raps for his dad. a bunch of corny outlets are going to say some shit like "borat 2 is... actually a horror movie" and they're all going to be correct. i don’t think movies as a whole have to serve any purpose, but to use such sharp comedy and crowd psychology to paint a portrait of america and human behavior that's so damning it can create such a huge physical reaction is just absolutely astounding stuff. to do it again 14 years later? divine!

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