Broadcast News ★★★★½

Oh my god I loved it!!! I knew it was a favorite of so many people's for so long and bought the Criterion on a whim ages ago figuring I'd like it, but I was just so immediately enamored with it. Three perfect lead performances, each so well-built and truly unique, it's just a wonderfully original romcom that still manages to feel like a romcom in the best ways. Holly Hunter is fucking outstanding, and so so funny– she has line deliveries here and there that I already wanna rewind and watch again. William Hurt's Tom is the king of himbos, just a puppy that got turned into a successful tall white man and doesn't know what to do with it all. He's like two steps away from being Bobby Newport.

Happy I watched this just after finishing the Polly Platt miniseries on You Must Remember This and knowing how influential she was to this, down to being the prototype for Jane. What a great fucking woman– and a great series! Highly recommended if you wanna spend a week just vacillating between the emotions of "god that poor woman" and "what an interesting time capsule of hollywood" and "ooh i should add that movie to my watch list."

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