Cactus Flower ★★★★½

This movie was recommended and then unrecommended to me so I was set to hate it, but dear god I loved it. Even with such a nonsense premise. A good, old fashioned screwy-kinda rom-com with bold characters and a plot where things just keep getting farther and farther from the easiest solution. Feels so cozy too, like I could see myself rewatching it a couple of times over the years. There's absolutely no defense of the gender politics behind anything here, but I still found myself rooting for the exact outcome we got.

Ingrid Bergman is so beautiful and the fun she's having here is so attractive to me. Constantly confounded by how Walter Matthau became a romantic comedy leading man but he's very funny in this. Very impressed that Goldie Hawn's big eyes won her an Oscar. If only it could have done the same thing for Tim Burton, Amy Adams, and Christoph Waltz in their 2014 film, Big Eyes! You knew it was coming! Never miss an opportunity to make a Big Eyes joke. I have not seen the film and I do not plan to.

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