The Russos keep saying this movie is "about the opioid epidemic" and like... not... really? It involves opioid addiction. But there's a whole hour of this movie that tackles masculinity and American imperialism in a much more suggestive way before abandoning that and using the last half to just kinda go "damn, this guy's life is crazy, huh." It's such a flashy and stylish film that feels designed to keep your attention and move with a visual flair– and of course that's what the directors of the biggest popular films of the decade would want to make, and I do not say that as an insult– but at a certain point the flashiness felt tiring to me. Just an endless bag of visual tricks to show off what they were capable of with very little consistency. Keeps it from being a slog to watch, though!

Tom Holland is good though! He's also just... very young! Like I know he's around the age Nico was but man, he and Ciara Bravo could not look more like a couple of teens to me. Wanted to slap that heroin outta their hands the whole movie and scream "If you're all hopped up on bug gunk for 3rd period, Mrs. Rizzo's gonna freak!"

edit: okay seriously watch this trailer and tell me this movie is "about the opioid epidemic."

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