this was the first time being back at a movie theater felt like being back at a movie theater. there was a ton of people in there who were all so excited and genuinely enjoying the film and i was there with several friends who were all hootin and hollerin and laughing both at the outrageousness of certain things but also the genuine fun everybody was having on the screen!!

god, this movie's a blast. like obviously i was gonna love a movie from the director of i, tonya and one of the writers of the favourite but i was quietly worried i would think it's shit and i really did not! wish they hadn't dumped so much money into the soundtrack budget (like a needle drop every second, damn) that you wonder why they even hired nicholas britell to make a score for the movie, but that's the level of complaint i've got here. it's a fun sexy fashion heist and everybody's having a fun and sexy fashion heist time.

cruella is just... so hot. like, there is not a version of cruella that i have not had it bad for but this one's on another level. good thing she's not real 'cause i have absolutely compromised my morals for less. i went home right after the movie and told my dog he better act right

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