Deadpool 2

This is like a narcissistic and self-congratulatory Superhero Movie (2008). This is like a $110 million feature-length NewGrounds flash animation. This is a lazily-written superhero movie made for and by people who love (and fear?) CinemaSins, and think calling attention to your own cliches (but still doing them) and pandering to your audience with hackneyed references is ‘clever’. This sucks.

The only part I came close to loving (not just liking- LOVING!) was Domino’s first action sequence, and they even had to ruin that by letting Deadpool’s dumbass meta-commentary schtick score the entire moment, because no one else is allowed to have the spotlight.

I can already feel the comments rolling in to tell me “wel, this is super accurate to the comics.” I don’t care.

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