Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up

i feel like my experience with adam mckay’s last two movies has been me going “i didn’t… hate that. at least not as much as other people seem to be. it’s clearly directed at a wider audience who needs to be beaten over the head with this” only to see the post-credits scene and just crumble into my legs with a big groan. this is not the cast you get if you’re going for a “subtle” satire and i think it’s very silly for anybody to have expected that! I think i really did enjoy the first hour, maybe even hour and a half. the running gag about kate being stuck on one moment that happens early in the movie is really funny to me. but then the ending comes and i’m just left thinking… what now. what is your intended audience supposed to do with this info?

maybe it’s because The Big Short felt enlightening to me that I didn’t feel the same way after it ended. but i can’t help but feel like there’s a “kids these days” element to this movie that feels… pointless. like, okay, kids these days are distracted by other things. let’s say your movie works, and they are all paying attention. what now? is it the problem of the wealthy taking control or the problem of the people? because it seems like the former, but you spend so much time tsk-tsking the latter! i don’t know, man. I have a lot of respect for adam mckay for genuinely trying with this stuff (especially because let’s be honest, subtlety with stuff like this relegates political messaging in film to mid-budget indies and small essays no one will read) but i don’t know that this is it

edit: just realized that one guy from the running gag is named General Themes. okay that’s actually very good. i like that

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