Eyes Wide Shut ★★★★½

stanley kubrick saw After Hours and thought "what if this wasn't funny"

fucking stunning. gotta sit with it for a while and maybe even watch it again, but wowowowow. really fantastic how kubrick nails the specifics of 'sexiness': the actual act of sex can be cold, strange, sometimes off-putting and often unsexy. the real allure of sex, is the pursuit and tension of it. it's the promise and potential for sex, it's the stray looks and the concocted fantasies, both good and bad, whether they're your dreams or your fears. the conceit of sex is greater than even the best sex, because there's an element of danger that makes it so enticing, and the culmination of that danger is often the catalyst for so much more. sex is nothing more than bodies intertwining and bodies are nothing more than vessels to a finite end. kidman should've got an oscar for her stoned monologue alone.

last scene made me horny!!!!!! wa wa wee wa!! sorry to the friends i watched this with who are still next to me and will have to learn that from reading this review.

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