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This review may contain spoilers.

7 is my favorite because it's just nonstop with the action. There's so little talking, it's just go go go go go. And there's tons of ridiculous little touches that ride the line between comedic and cool/sincere (like Dom using the hydraulics to throw Ramsey into the car) and remind me of what I love about similar moments in John Wick. Just impressive-but-casual physical absurdity that works because it's earnest for the universe but comedic as an observer.

The opening sequence to this movie is just... perfect. Perfect intro for James Wan, perfect intro for Shaw, perfect set-up for the villain to not feel like "yet another bad guy." Best intro of the franchise, for sure. And not to keep beating the drum on this but the extras go into James Wan's directing of this scene which made me appreciate it even more, because it's a lot more practically made than I'd thought! Including the explosion!

The extras on these films are suuuuch a gift. I've got a little bit of a bug about the way these movies look because there's a digital sheen over everything and it really hides the terrific stuntwork. An unbelievable amount of things in this movie are performed practically– like, including several things that you would assume were just done digitally– and because they're all augmented in post, it just looks no different than any completely 3D Marvel sequence. Which isn't bad, but... if you're doing stuff practically, I wanna feel that shit! I shouldn't have to watch a (very exciting!!!!) Blu-Ray extra to learn that you actually had someone climb outside a bus on a cliff and run along the side of it as it fell! I should be ANNOYED by the time it's released because people won't shut up about it!! "You know they really ran up the side of that bus" shut the FUCK up!!!! (that's my impression of me talking to me because im the one who won't stop talkin about the stunts when we watch these. "the safe is actually a car they built a safe around" "yea you said that already")

Anyway, what do I know. Could you imagine if someone took my advice on how to "fix" a multibillion dollar franchise? That person should lose their job. What are you doing on Letterboxd? Go hook Tyrese up to some wires. Michelle Rodriguez call me!

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