I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★★

God, every lead character in this film is so well developed that they’re reprehensible, but given moments where you’re meant to see them in a sympathetic/borderline lovable light. A truly tricky balance for Gillespie to manage, but he nails it. No wonder he’s been hired to direct an origin story for a puppy murderer. I’ve written enough about this movie that I don’t have too many original thoughts to write about it any more, so I’ll just say that the moments where Tonya was told that she wasn’t upholding the vision of wholesome Americana enough to succeed reminded me of what’s going on with Bernie right now. Sorry to get political!!!! Let’s all yell about it in the comments!

Insane that I’m still choosing to watch this movie when I have to hold back tears through like 30% of the scenes. (A new friend told me they hadn’t seen it. Dangerous words around ya boy. Also I’m gonna be discussing it on a podcast soon so guess who’s about to watch it for a tenth time!!!)

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