Julie & Julia

lovely movie! you can’t make a bad movie with beautiful shots of food, and i do not say that as a challenge to prove me wrong! something inherently funny about tall Meryl. movie absolutely didn’t need to be two hours though. they even throw in a solid 90 seconds of an SNL sketch for some reason? sure, okay!

even though I think this movie is best when it’s a Julia Child biopic, i relate to Julie a lot in that I have also never eaten an egg (don’t), made a name for myself with a public project where we systematically commented on someone else’s work, and i find the process of cooking extremely comforting. however, i do not relate to Julie in that I think parasocial relationships are dreadful and i don’t have people over for dinner at my house, on account of the famous and deadly novel coronavirus.

imagine going to lunch with Nora Ephron. you give a passing mention to some recent technological trend and all of a sudden her eyes glaze over completely. her attention drifts to 1 o’clock. she nods politely as you speak, mumbling a low, agreeable “mmm” every few seconds– but she’s long gone. mentally transported to a cozy autumn day in new york. nothin in her brain except “INT. BEDROOM - AFTERNOON”

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