Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

(nothing here is a huge spoiler but i’d still avoid this if you haven’t seen it because you should go in fresh, god damn you)

Docking a half-star because I watched this in a near-empty theater, which really hit home how much of the fun of this movie is dependent on the exact opposite! (Though it might play better at home. But boy was the lack of reactions hard to handle.)

Also, because I watched it so intently the first time, the structure stands out in both good and bad ways on a second viewing. Certain things (which i won’t get into until my inevitable third watch, surely a month or so down the line when it’s been out for a while and more people have seen it) feel a bit obvious with hindsight, though their obviousness is what makes them so well-hidden in a film where you’re assuming everything is a trick. And there are very few rewarding discoveries to uncover in a second viewing (although tracking the irony of the baseball’s path is a lot of fun, as it’s a ruinous series of events that wouldn’t have been set in motion without Don Johnson throwing it out the window)

Still, I stand by my thoughts on that first watch. It’s a goddamn blast of a film where truly half of the cast is giving performances that are among my favorites of the year. I’m dying to read the screenplay.

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