Love Hard

Love Hard

There’s no way this movie wasn’t written in like, 2008. There’s an entire crucial exchange about Die Hard being a Christmas movie, and another about Baby It’s Cold Outside being creepy. Kudos to whoever did punch up on it and god money to just plagiarize a bunch of old jokes though.

There’s an exchange where she and the guy who is very much catfishing her exchange photos over text and she sends him a “dick pic” as a joke- and it’s Richard Nixon. Great gag, we all did that a decade ago. She sends one in response and it’s Andy Dick, then there’s a moment where he says something like “whoa that’s a weird looking dick!” and she goes “well at least mine isn’t crooked!” And it’s like… yes he is. Andy Dick is a huge piece of shit. Big time sex pest and an abusive prick. This is well known. Weird joke to keep in the script.

edit: cheyenne kept skimming through it to see how it ended and there’s a slow cover of The Killers’s “Read My Mind” on the soundtrack. I’m calling the cops

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