Mandy ★★★½

ME LAST NIGHT AFTER MANDY: i don't know what the fuck that was. it was slow and bewildering and a bit more boring than i expected. but it was also really beautiful? whatever. i'm tired
ME JUST NOW AFTER READING THE SYNOPSIS AND WATCHING THE TRAILER AGAIN: oh sick so i can just rent this thing and watch it again on google play right now?

as much as i think this is a beautiful thing to watch in a theater, it's also the kind of dark, deliberate watch that i would've probably enjoyed more if i watched it at home. very surprised at how straight-forward this movie was plot-wise, given how wild it is every single other aspect

i get why everyone's focused on nicolas cage's performance because cosmatos just let the man Cage The Fuck Out in the second half, but i think linus roache's performance as jeremiah sand is the real standout. andrea riseborough is great, and i keep forgetting how big and soul-gazing her eyes are– shot perfectly in every scene. those demonic bikers (which my friend albro cleverly dubbed "cenobikers") were fuckin nuts. i wanted to know so much more about them but now i am glad that i don't know a damn thing

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