Minari ★★★★½

Ugh, couldn't stop crying through the entire second half of this.

For reasons I don't really understand, I don't remember most of my childhood and can't recall much about it without having something to remind me of my own experiences. It's always a very weird sensation when something does this because it's never what I expect, and I was not expecting it to happen several times while watching this! Very unifying to see so many of my own immigrant child experiences reflected in the immigrant child experiences of someone from an entirely different country whose family moved to an entirely different part of the US. Brought on a lot of tears. Can't think too much about the aspect of faith on display here or the grandma/grandson story without bringing them on again.

Also, the score is just perfect from the very first note? Without exaggeration, every time the score kicked in I thought "whoa this music is outstanding." Best Original Score nom for Emile Mosseri. Best Supporting Actress nom for Youn Yuh-jung. Best Supporting Actor nom for Will Patton. Big big hug and a million blue suckers for Alan Kim.

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