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This review may contain spoilers.

I don't think I would've "gotten" this movie without everyone constantly priming me for Lynch by saying "don't even worry about understanding it, you're not gonna understand it, just go with it" and without that early diner scene, but it allowed me to just lean back and take it all in and... I didn't feel that confused! In fact, I think Lynch does a good job of cluing you into what's going on through Watts' affectations and a general sense of dread, but maybe I'm just lucky that a lot of the sequences we see mirror the feelings of actual dreams I've had before. The inability to complete simple but important tasks, the frustration of unspoken conspiracies you aren't let in on, there are so many dream-like conventions in just having characters in extremely frustrating scenarios where their agency is taken away from them. BIG dream/nightmare energy.

Much more fulfilling than I'd expected, and feels so masterfully made that I'm shocked I don't feel like I've seen anything really like it. Glad I finally watched this. Mad all the guys who proudly declare this "true cinema" were right about how much this movie rules. I know I'll watch it again three years from now and go "ahaha yeah this shit rocks" kind of like how everybody has been doing for the last 19 years. I'm always behind! Very excited to see this "Avatar" everyone's talking about!

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