No Time to Die

No Time to Die

i did not realize this would be so intrinsically tied to the previous Bonds and i really wish i had finished rewatching Spectre before going in. other wishes i had include:

• less popsicle-stick-ass pun one liners (i know they’re “classic bond” or whatever but they are really not present in the other Craig movies so they felt OFF here)
• less Rami Malek (or… more? just. actually do something i guess)
• more Lashana Lynch! if EON had guts they would start a spin-off series with her as 008 or whatever. if they really had guts they would just let her be Bond and it would probably kick ass but they seem way too protective of their one thing (and way too squeamish about people getting mad at The Sneaky Woman) to do that
• more goofball Jeffrey Wright! this man thinks he is in a different movie the whole time and it’s so weird and wrong but in a way i was truly captivated by. freak!!
• more goofball evil scientist!
• WAY more goofball Ana de Armas!!!

the craziest thing in this movie to me– besides the aspect of the ending that made me go “oh. really? huh. okay.”– is the proposed timeline of Rami Malek’s… existence. tell me how old this man is supposed to be. no matter what you say, i don’t believe you.

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