Suspiria ★★★★½

holy shit.

this movie is visceral, tense, haunting, nightmarish, beautiful, and goddamn outstanding. the makeup is incredible, the body horror is fascinating, the effects look great (save for one key moment of visual effects.. hmm) the camera movement and choreography are wondrous, tilda delivers MULTIPLE great performances– even the “lack of color” that people were worried about when the trailer first dropped is a non-problem. it’s great. great great. it’s better than the original. i can’t believe the guy that made A Bigger Splash and Call Me By Your Name also had this crazy shit in him.

that said, the one thing Suspiria has in common with those movies, is an incredible A-lister on the soundtrack making incredible music that... doesn’t quite fit the movie. (and radiohead is my favorite band so it PAINS me to say this- again the music still fuckin rules.) there’s really only one scene where it works perfectly (and you’ll know it when you see it) but the scene is so good on its own, it almost doesn’t need thom yorke. holy cow.

this movie is 2 and half hours, directed by a guy whose filmography is often beautiful people just hanging out in Italy (NOT A DISS, I LOVE HIM) and it feels so perfectly paced and kinetic that the runtime never really starts to weigh on you. probably the effect of him directing a movie with an active plot.

GAH i have so much to say that is flying in and out of my mind but i’m sitting in the theater garage and i don’t want my validation to expire. hot damn i loved it

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