Sword of Trust ★★★★

God, I loved this. Everybody's so perfectly cast, the story is so simple but screwy and enticing with plenty of little turns peppered into its short runtime, and I laughed out loud several times, including one big guffaw at a great Chickenfoot joke I did not see coming. Outstanding. Was delighted to see my friends Jon and Whit giving predictably great performances. :)

Watched this when I heard of the untimely passing of Lynn Shelton today. What a loss. I didn't "know" her and it feels self-serving to pretend that I did, or that we were even tangentially connected in any way, but she directed the episode of The Good Place that was right after mine, so I met her a few times in passing on the set. Whenever we learned who was going to direct an episode of the show, I would sheepishly look them up to see what else they had done, and Lynn's resume was truly out of this world. She's made so many undersung indie movies and i guarantee shes been a part of at least one TV show everybody reading this has seen and loved. I distinctly remember thinking she was so cool and confident the day I got to stick around on the set and watch her direct when they split a day between our episodes, and I wished I could've come back the next week to see her direct.

She's worked with so many people I love and admire and they all have nothing but glowing things to say about her. It makes perfect sense, and you can see the love and care she brings to her work in this movie. Everybody is firing on all cylinders and having a blast. What a lovely film. ❤️

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