Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

I ordered pizza while watching this and normally I would get a Hawaiian (not interested in discourse around this, too boring) but we ordered via Domino’s, where they make you add the toppings manually. Usually I would have the focus to pull this off with extreme precision– really just batting a thousand when it comes to pressing two buttons– however this was also around the time when Arnold, Robert Patrick, and Baby Furlong are racing through the LA river and I had to exclaim “look at that shit! got damn!” every few seconds to share my excitement and ruin it for my friends who had not seen the film before with trivia I half-remembered. It was in this moment that I selected “pepperoni” instead of “pineapple,” an easy mistake to make as they are both P-toppings with 9 letters. Is this my mistake or a mistake on the part of the Domino’s app developers? Arguable both ways.

Anyhow, a quick 20 minutes later (truly impressive, big ups to my delivery driver Herman) a pizza landed at my doorstep and I paused the movie to open it– only to suddenly realize the mistake I’d made. “What kind of combination is pepperoni and ham,” I lamented out loud, to the laughter of my friends. “That poor pig!” Gabe said. Just an absolutely embarrassing moment. It tasted fine, but you know what it didn’t taste like? A delicious, quickly-crafted Hawaiian pizza from a major corporate pizza chain.

Anyway, T2 rules. Maybe the best action movie ever made. James Cameron top 3 talented assholes of all time. I want Avatar 2 almost as much as I want the vaccine.

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