The Day Shall Come


I haven't stopped thinking about this movie since 10:23pm NZT last night when the credits roll, and we all sat in the theatre in stark silence for a good minute or so before moving. I can't concisely explain my feelings on this movie, and I can't write anything lengthy about this movie without spoiling it, but I can say that it made me absolutely fucking angry. And yes, I'm angry in the way Morris wants me to be angry, but on a completely separate level I'm truly fucking livid that Morris even made this film.

The Day Shall Come is very good. For a while. Most of the runtime, my biggest thought about the film was that it was clearly a British take on a very American story that felt like it was being forced back through an American lens (but trying it's best to keep the Armando Iannucci style all the writers know very well)– but one thing it never does is try and put it through a black lens. I don't think Chris Morris or any of the four white British male writers consulted a single person of color (much less a black person, much much less an American black person) in making this movie. And I can't think of a worse movie to have made with that in mind.

I really dug Four Lions, and I think Chris Morris is very talented and politically righteous & biting in a wonderful way and this movie proves that– but there are SO many huge misfires here that made me leave the theatre feeling furious and embarrassed. In a way I really don't think any other movie has. I don't know how to rate this.

P.S. Fuck Anna Kendrick.