The Edge of Seventeen ★★★★

told my girlfriend Booksmart made me wanna rewatch Edge of Seventeen, so we did. and it's still wonderful! Booksmart might be a little bit better, but this movie is still firing on all cylinders. Hailee Steinfeld and Hayden Szeto are fucking phenomenal. Even in the little moments, Steinfeld reminds you why she got that Oscar nom.

I really appreciate how well this film starts in a place where you think it's gonna be very boilerplate but slowly starts to weave its way out of that hole. It's directed very functionally, but the performances and script carry it so so far. It wasn't until this second watch that I got to fully appreciate how cleanly they weave in details to explain how Nadine is depressed. Erwin Kim's got a bit of a "nice guy" thing going on throughout this movie, but I still find him so incredibly charming and sweet-faced that I'm trying my best to overlook it. Also, he's hot! Everyone in this movie is hot! You gotta give it up for hot teens.

That said, between this, Booksmart, and Lady Bird (and hell, even Raw) I am absolutely here for the wonderful revival of comic female teen coming-of-age films– but let's get less white maybe! Not a criticism! These movies rule! But they can also rule when it's not just about white teen girls!

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