The Father

The Father ★★★★½

You know when you see someone blow into a balloon when it's already pretty big, and you're like "whoa! that thing's gonna pop!" and then you stop paying attention for a bit and you come back and it's even bigger and you're like "jesus it's still going?" and then every time you come back to it you've stopped being impressed by how big it's able to go and your heart starts to beat real fast because you're afraid it's going to explode any second? That's how I feel about Anthony Hopkins aging.

Great actor, great movie! Honestly one of the scariest films I have seen in a while. Plays from Hopkins's perspective like a slo-mo psychological thriller, which is the perfect move to depict something as disorienting and torturous as dementia. Truly fucking heartbreaking to watch, especially with one cruel moment near the end that pushed me into angry tears. Gave me the same anxiety as watching mother! Big "used to be a play" energy but I don't mind it! Made me really glad I used my final genie wish (after '$83 USD' and 'a beautiful dick') to never ever ever grow old.

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