The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House ★★★★★

Absolutely outstanding. Top-tier television. Hereditary for people who’ve been to therapy. A beautiful exploration of grief and regret and trauma both original and generational. Ghosts as a metaphor for all these things feels like such an obvious decision, but Flanagan really weaves it together in a way that makes it all fall together like the most satisfying puzzle. Made me feel like I really want to watch everything he’s done so far. A big congratulations to Red Giant on this season-long advertisement for the Magic Bullet Mojo plug-in!

EDIT: a big thank you to my friend celia who showed me this series and watched it with me. please go comment “good recommendation, celia. i hope you hit 1000 followers” on her review. you do not need to follow her though

EDIT: okay she hit 1000. now you can write “we’re all so proud of you celia. may good blessings and fortune come upon your family” or “i hope my daughter grows up to be like celia”

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