The Lobster ★★★★★

A perfect romcom. My favorite romcom! A lovely satire of romantic absolutism and fate. We tell ourselves lies about the rules and reasons for love and create formulas to lead us towards a fate we’ve been sold as purpose– and when we’re scared of these rules we reject them completely, training ourselves to live outside the parameters we’ve come to find suffocating. So what do you do when you decide to love again? How do you embrace the love you want when it clashes with the love you’ve learned?

If I got to choose an animal at the Love Hotel (a Marriott®️ Company) I would simply say “I want to be a human, which is technically an animal.” They would say that doesn’t count, but then they’d immediately pair me with the last person who also tried to make that dumb semantic choice and I would never have to pick a real animal in the first place. This “love” shit easy.

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