The Muppet Movie

The Muppet Movie ★★★★★

Was driving with a friend when she told me she did not know who the Muppets were. Not "hasn't seen a Muppet thing," had truly never heard of them. Do you know how insane I felt trying to explain the concept of Muppets? Like trying to define the word "soft."

"They're puppets, and some of them are animals, but some are just like, things. But they're all people too. And they're funny. Like actual funny, not 'trying' to be funny. But they are actually trying to be funny... too?"
"Who are they for?"
"Like.... kids? But adults too. Everyone really. But they're not corny. Except sometimes they are, but on purpose. Sorry, I'm going to crash this car if my brain has to devote any more processing power to figuring out how to explain this concept."

Anyway, this is a very fun movie to watch with someone who's never heard of the Muppets!!

"No that's not Jim, Jim is the creator, that's Kermit! He's the fucking guy!"
"Oh yeah, another thing about Miss Piggy is that she does karate."
"So he's a chicken?" "No, he's just some thing. But he loves chickens. His wife is a chicken. Just watch the movie!" "Oh sorry, is that something they were about to explain?" "No, they never explain it. Watch!"

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