The NeverEnding Story ★★

Just saw this movie for the first time— I distinctly remember it being played during daycare when I was a child, and I dreaded the idea of a movie that was truly “never-ending,” and thought it actually WAS somehow an infinite movie, because I kept leaving and coming back and it was still playing. The movie is 94 minutes long.

Anyways, I think it’s bad? The production design is fantastic and the puppetry is super cool. But the editing is insane, every line is ADR’d, and the entire narrative concept of the movie doesn’t make sense until the very end. I wish this was just the inside story of Fantasia. 

Also, sorry 2 the sacrosanct childhood purity protectors, but this movie is a perfect candidate for a remake and I earnestly would love to watch it. Keep all the practical shit, work out the story a bit more, make Bastian more involved. I don’t know, make Atreyu a girl? He is a bisexual female icon. Embrace it.