The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

Most likely the greatest film of the 2010s. A college courtroom drama with shades of Citizen Kane and There Will Be Blood in the margins. One of the most watchable films about power and privilege and temptation and the quiet self-victimization of the "underdog" that is so strongly rooted in men (and women (but let's be real gang, it's men)) and drives them to ruin. There are tiny characterizations here and there that don't hold up to time, but the final frame of this movie is maybe the one that has stuck with me the most out of any I've ever seen.

GOD I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! No joke, I can trace my eternal optimism and faith in movies and the general conceit that any movie can be good to the moment I walked out of the theater in 2010 and thought "oh wow... the movie about Facebook that we all make jokes about... is terrific?" I'm so glad we were all wrong.

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