The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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This review may contain spoilers.

Good lord. My soul feels so thoroughly drained. Hard to use more words to describe this film besides "upsetting." A blunt, hot, southern Gothic exploitation film with all the subtlety of a, uh, chainsaw. Sharply turns from simply "weird" to "horrifying" and makes quick waste of its characters like target practice cans on a fence. I don't even remember if there was a score to the movie or if the sound was just alternating tracks of Marilyn Burns' exasperated screams and a revving chainsaw. That dinner scene was absolutely haunting. I gotta watch some fuckin Simpsons eps before bed just so I don't risk dreaming of Grandpa.

Saw this at the drive-in, and sat in stunned silence through so much of the latter half. Everyone honked when characters honked in the film (and screamed "JERRY!") and honked again almost in catharsis when Sarah escapes, which was weirdly relieving in the way it is when someone laughs as a release of fear in a horror movie. That was nice. Hard to rate this one because it didn't like, "feel" good– but I think that's what Tobe Hooper wanted. To put the aesthetic, discomfort, and nihilism of a snuff film into a narrative and leave you feeling exhausted and confronted by a simple-but-torturous piece of horror. I myself, did not want that!

Okay, time to watch a Simpson! Maybe Moe gets a cell phone!

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