Toy Story 4 ★★★★★

I avoided all of the marketing for this first film past the first trailer that introduced us to Forky, and because of that I was fully ready to hate him. Even though I was combatively optimistic about this movie being great, and annoyed at every internet director who insisted that their hatred of sequels was a smarter bet than believing Pixar of all studios could make yet another good movie, I figured Forky would be a character that was played for childish laughs. And I was fucking wrong!!!!! Forky rules!!!

In fact, everything about this movie rules?? It's easily the best-looking animated film I have ever seen, and possibly the best-looking film I think I've ever seen? There's a rain sequence in the beginning that truly made me think "Alright well, Pixar is just showing off." I didn't think there'd be a noticeable upgrade in CG in the 9 years between TS3 and TS4, but there was, and it's stunning. The dust, the details on all the toys, the way the humans are rendered– there's a TV commercial for Duke Caboom that was so well-done that I spent its entire runtime wondering if they just... made a Duke Caboom toy and shot a live-action commercial with it.

It's also hands down the funniest Pixar film. I scream-laughed multiple times, particularly at one sequence with Key & Peele (I think everyone who's seen it knows the one) and a terrific throwaway gag on a high-five. The Toy Story films have always been charming, but I truly was not expecting to think of this as a great comedy that was overflowing with honest-to-god guffaws.

I don't know what more to say about the plot or characters that won't give anything away, but I really loved seeing this new Furiosa-meets-Rey version of Bo Peep and her part of the world, and the existential nature of Forky's very existence, and the way things play out with the film's antagonist, and all of the gags that played out with Bonnie's family– I can't really think of anything I didn't love! Another absolute fuckin' banger from the lamp and ball gang!!!!

Of course, just like with TS3, I can't possibly imagine how they would do another movie after this– but that ain't my job! They've made 4 absolutely perfect films in this series, and have a near-spotless roster of great movies otherwise. They've got a blank check for optimism in my eyes. I'll see as many damn Toy Story movies as they wanna make.

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