Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

The biggest mystery in this movie is why a broke man who lives in Silver Lake supposedly is going to The Last Bookstore, which is downtown, "all the time."

I think I agree with the take of how poorly the women in this film are shot (yes, even past it being "the point" of the movie) and have enjoyed a nice afternoon of reading various takes on this movie because of how unsatisfying its wrap up was (which also is likely another "point" of the movie) but I really really enjoyed it. DRM has such a great eye and the way this movie is shot is fantastic and gripping that it ended and I thought "hmm maybe I could watch it again, maybe that will explain everything."

And boy, I know I literally live in Los Angeles but this is the first time I've been disoriented to watch a movie that was so noticeably shot in the places where I literally go every day. Big year for surprise Riki Lindhome appearances in mystery movies and Mike Gioulakis split-diopter shots!

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