Vice ★★★

I love Adam McKay’s directorial style so goddamn much I don’t even care that he has no interest in subtlety. But honestly, maybe this movie doesn’t need it. Because by the final 20 minutes or so, everything has been so spelled out for the audience that there’s no room left for uncertainty, and every single person will walk out of the theater angry at the people who deserve it.

The final scene of the movie is... a bit confusing in what it’s meant to do. And the script is underwhelming in large points. And (I can’t believe I’m saying this) but you never understand the motivation behind Dick Cheney’s character. But this movie is meant to raise hell, and by god I hope it does.

EDIT: uh Jesus Christ i did not realize there was a mid credits scene that i left before. i just read a synopsis and... everyone who didn’t like the movie was probably right

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