Water Lilies ★★½

We decided to track down and watch this movie after Maddie loved Céline Sciamma's Portrait of a Lady on Fire but this one didn't click as much for me. I was tipsy, and found myself saddened in the first half by how much I related to Marie despite feeling like I "couldn't" relate to Marie, but the second half felt like a cruel (and– though, yes, i've never been a woman and can't truly say for sure that this is not how teen girls, much less french teen girls, ever are– unrealistic?) subversion of what I'd understood that first half to be, and made me feel like it was turning one of the characters into a villain. I don't know. I'm glad someone has been making intriguing cinema about queer love and queer adolescent love that doesn't just rest its plot solely on the 'forbidden/sordid' aspect of being queer, though.