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  • Luce



    "What's the difference between punishing someone for being a stereotype and rewarding them if they're not?"

    An impressive, almost Shakespearean drama about the 'American Dream' as it intertwines with perceptions of race and identity– all told with the doubly-impressive goal of making you identify and root for a teenage sociopath. Thank god the director behind The Cloverfield Paradox also had this in him.

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    This movie is basically The Great Gatsby if Daisy realized how much of a fuckin’ loser Jay Gatsby is. “Good luck with your lemonade stand.”

    (Watched this for an episode of The Bechdel Cast, live in San Francisco, which should be available to listen to, uhhhhh, eventually! Soon probably!)

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    Only liked this the slightest amount more on this viewing, but all the things I didn’t like before (Taika’s Hitler, Scarlett, the tone of the entire film not really landing the comedy or the drama for me) are all still there.



    this is the first david lynch thing i’ve seen besides the Twin Peaks pilot and, uh... this guy’s freackin weird!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joker



    I think this movie is pretty bad. I think it’s shallow and dumb and poorly written/directed and masquerading as a film with meaning in a way that has somehow tricked Academy members into believing it’s a prestigious piece of work and not a ridiculous feature-length 30 Rock cutaway parody buoyed entirely by some nice cinematography and a reliably-terrific performance from an actor who is always as good as he is here, and even often better in similar films (You Were…

  • Parasite



    “Dad, today I made a plan.”

    It’s absolutely fucking absurd that Song Kang-Ho did not get any Oscar attention for his role in this film. He gives the most expressive, wide-ranging performance of the year. I mean, the entire ensemble is outstanding (I think I’ve already said how terrific Cho Yeo-jeong’s comedic performance is) but Song is the emotional center of this film both in its funniest and it’s most tragic moments. Also, after five viewings (I know) of this…

  • Bad Boys for Life

    Bad Boys for Life


    Three thoughts I had during this movie:

    1) Think of the best possible cameo that this movie could have. Yeah, they got it. (No, not ** ******. The other one.)

    2) Honestly a little disappointed at how smooth the action in this film felt– it was like they wanted to sand down the edges of Bayhem into something a little more palatable. Which is impressive! But Bad Boys should be the kind of dumb action movie where a bunch of…

  • Goldman v Silverman

    Goldman v Silverman

    I hate Times Square bcuz of the Silver man, he was disgusting, i hate him with my life, he doesnot leave the gold man alone

  • Singin' in the Rain

    Singin' in the Rain


    I had never seen this movie before but my friends Jocey and Celia insisted I had to, and I’m so glad I did. :) The “Make ‘Em Laugh” sequence has been something I’ve known and loved for years, and I can’t believe I was depriving myself of the rest of this film for so long. Gorgeous, vibrant, joyful, funny, and cornball in all the best ways. 

    And the dancing! A beautiful physicality that is all but gone from modern film…

  • 1917



    I’ve been wanting to rewatch this every day since I first saw it and it was just as rewarding as I thought it would be. 2:20PM on a Thursday and the theater was still full, the reactions were still audible and powerful. It feels weird for this movie to have come out so late in the award season, as it feels like the kind of thing that should’ve taken over the last few months of our collective discourse, but it…

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Took me like a week to finish rewatching this and then I totally forgot I did last night.

    It’s fine. A very fun movie that seems unnecessarily long and feels like multiple movies squashed together. The entire Sharon Tate storyline feels completely pointless and like it serves no purpose besides setting up a predictable violent confrontation for the ending (which should have involved Sharon Tate as a fighter herself, if you ask me. I’m shocked that people have called the…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse



    This film is absolutely gorgeous. One of the best shot films of the year. Also one of the most grueling, disorienting, claustrophobic, psychotic films of the year. I’m not sure I even know what really happened, but I was captivated the entire time. I’m sure Dafoe and the cinematographer are gonna get shafted through awards season, but I hope they’re both proud of their work. Shit. I really hope we get to see Eggers’ Nosferatu.