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  • The Master of Disguise

    The Master of Disguise


    I watched this movie on my tenth birthday. It was my favorite movie for a solid month or so. I tried rewatching it recently and unsurprisingly my glasses were not so rosy. Very bad movie.

  • Seven Psychopaths

    Seven Psychopaths


    A fantastic, hilarious, gripping film. You can see part of the ending (or I guess the middle since it's revealed closer to the 1-hour mark) coming a mile away, but it's still terrific. Believe it or not, this movie might even be the biggest mindfuck of the year.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    Mr. & Mrs. Smith


    Better than I remember... but I remember it being really, REALLY bad so I guess that doesn't mean much. Not a bad action movie, but not a good movie overall either.

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    Absolutely one of the best classics. It's strange to describe a film taking place almost entirely in one room as thrilling, but 12 Angry Men was. As was it gripping and terrifically acted. I'm rarely so engrossed in classic, all-dialogue, black and white films, but 12 Angry Men is an exception, and an exceptional one.

  • Intolerable Cruelty

    Intolerable Cruelty


    The pacing is very very off in this film, but it's still a pretty good movie.

  • First Daughter

    First Daughter

    I really need to stop watching movies at 3 in the morning just because they're on TV. They are rarely good.

  • Brink!



    Soul skaters rule.

  • Looper



    Wow. WOW. Possibly the best film of the year. Bruce Willis, JGL, and Emily Blunt are all fantastic, and the story is gripping, emotional, tense, and beautiful. Definitely a modern sci-fi classic.

  • WALL·E



    One of the best Pixar films made. If you haven't seen WALL-E lately, watch it again. It's beautiful, emotional, mesmerizing, and fantastic, and it's some terrifically twisted irony that anyone could make me feel more for a robot than I do for most humans.

  • Sex and the City 2

    Sex and the City 2


    To call this garbage would be an insult to every leftover that can be found sitting comfortably in my trash can. What an awful, awful film. I wouldn't wish it on my enemies.

  • Killer Joe

    Killer Joe


    Psychotic, insane, SUPER tense, twisted, upsetting, and fully deserving of its NC-17 rating. And I liked it.

    That said, I am NEVER eating a fried chicken leg again. Stunning performances by McConnaughey, Hirsch, and Gerson.

  • A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

    A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas


    A lot funnier than I thought it'd be, and definitely less stupid than the first film, even if it's still fairly stupid. I'd never call it a "comedy masterpiece" and I'd never hold it up as an example for anything spectacular, but its self-awareness and absurd comedy is terrific for a late night dose of light chuckling.