Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

Loved this. I’d actually forgotten it was a Coen brothers film before we started watching, but I became pretty sure after a short while due to the amount of wonderful dark humour; despite the downbeat nature of proceedings I found myself laughing far more than expected. When John Goodman showed up in the back of the car my suspicions were confirmed without needing to wait for the credits!

I love music and movies equally so anything which mixes the two so well is always going to win my heart.

My wife and I also love cats (along with most animals), so the feline/s in this were charming too. *POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILER!* As this was a first watch I’m not sure if the movie poster Llewyn sees towards the end was meant to imply that there was in fact only the one cat? Perhaps it was just an amusing suggestion, but we wished for the best anyway! *END OF POTENTIAL SPOILER*

I also really liked the cinematography and overall atmosphere of 60’s USA which enveloped Llewyn wherever he went, it felt very real and much more natural than in many Coen movies.

A fairly dark movie, but not one without hope; the main source being the sometimes frustrating but actually very supportive collection of people in Llewyn’s life.

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