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  • Hackers
  • Back to the Future
  • Jurassic Park
  • Jaws

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  • The House of the Devil


  • Bulletproof Monk


  • The Core


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Recent reviews

  • Cemetery Gates

    Cemetery Gates


    Stock characters, a typical science-fiction backstory, high body count, a variety of kills, and exaggerated gore. This movie is intentionally dumb, funny, and over the top. Yeah, the monster is clearly a guy in a suit but it's fitting and part of its charm. Clearly inspired by 80s horror which the makers admit to in the making-of. This would be a fun movie to watch with friends.

  • Rats: Night of Terror

    Rats: Night of Terror


    This is a decent-bad movie. You can have fun with the bad acting and dialog. There's no clever scheming. This is a group of idiots that continuously get themselves into more trouble so you have the potential to laugh at their stupidity. There's killing and some gore but most of the time the rats look very disinterested so I really enjoyed watching the actors hamming it up and then cutting to a pile of rats sniffing around. The ending gave this movie an extra star. Oh, and a moment of silence for all the rats that obviously died during the making of this movie.

Popular reviews

  • Digging Up the Marrow

    Digging Up the Marrow


    Cool monsters and effective jump scares. Some good tension building moments and I liked the mockumentary style. I've read many reviews complaining that the director/star (Adam Green) used the movie to boast about his work. Because this was a mockumentary style film and thus should feel like this is taking place in Green's personal life, I didn't interpret anything as arrogant or boastful. It was an interesting story about a horror fan and filmmaker seeing his obsession come to life. My biggest issue with this movie was some story holes with Ray Wise's character. Not a huge deal because the movie was still pretty entertaining.

  • Condemned



    Piss, shit, puke, blood, pus, gore and filth. Cool movie. Funny too. If you liked Street Trash or Dead Alive then you'll like this.