Heaven Sent ★★★★★

This is actually a review for Heaven Sent from Doctor Who, which is not on here because it is a TV episode and not a movie but I loved it so much I chose to log it.

Sorry Heaven Sent directed by Craig Clyde. DW’s “Heaven Sent”, though I’ve watched it repeatedly over the past few years, is still so moving. Its a beautiful exploration of grief. It’s just Peter Capaldi giving what is basically an hour long monologue and it WORKS. It totally works. The story’s tragic, the mystery’s gripping, the acting is top notch, and the whole thing is beautifully directed (not by Craig Clyde, I’m afraid, but by Rachel Talalay). The music’s also so good! I love the score. I listen to “The Shepherd’s Boy” a lot. 

I don’t have any jokes for this review, I just really love this episode. Watching it feels like watching a little dream that’s been dug out of the corners of my memory. It’s been about 5 years and every single time I watch it I feel the same.

Hey do you guys think they (The Letterboxd God) have the grounds to delete my review because it’s for the wrong “Heaven Sent”? I straight up don’t like movies, Letterboxd, you guys need to add more TV shows. No I don’t care that this is a movie reviewing site