It Follows

It Follows ★★★★

For some reason there is still this notion going around that horror is dead and filmmakers don't have any original ideas left. Well I wonder how many more great horror films need to come out till people stop complaining about these things and hopefully the recent success of IT FOLLOWS just shuts those people up for good.

First of all, this film is special because not only is it a very original film (not just in concept, but also in how the concept is executed), but what makes it truly special is everything this movie has achieved. If I were to pick one great indie horror film that I would guess to go on and achieve wide release success, it definitely wouldn’t of been this. And that is extremely important because it's a risk that studios need to take. Because regardless of wether or not you found this movie "scary" there is no denying that we need more ambitious films like this.

IT FOLLOWS is definitely a film that relies on atmosphere. And the first thing that really caught my eye was this very uneasy feeling of nothing seems normal. I got the same feeling with this that I did when I watched THE RING remake; in that it doesn't feel like this place actually exist. We're not quite sure what decade it is, people move and talk with very little emotion as if it's actually taking place in some weird dream state. I mean it just felt creepy. And this can be due to the gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, cinematography. A lot of static camera and extreme wide shots creates a frame the makes you feel like the filmmakers are hiding something in the background and it gets you and the characters guessing if something is really there or if it's just your imagination.

Now most of the hype surrounding this film is because of its concept, in that it's a movie about a STDemon (ha get it? Get it? Never mind). This is my favorite aspect of the film. Because having sex in a horror film has always been represented as a "sin" and if a character has sex they are usually killed as a form of punishment. And what's so great about it here, is that sex is your only form of survival. Now I also know a lot of people have a problem with the sexual mythology and that they would like more info on its origins. I however like that it doesn't delve too deep into it, because if you were to look at it as a metaphor for STDs than its origins could of been started anywhere. We don't know how or where the first form of a STD was started, but what we do know is it's out there and it can get to anyone. So the use of ambiguity here is the right choice.

This is just a film where the interpretations are endless and thats why IT FOLLOWS is a success. It doesn't matter if in the end it worked and scared you, what matters is that it has you talking and forming your own opinions and that's really part of what makes a great film. More films like this please.

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