Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid ★★★½

I did it guys! I finally saw TURBO KID! After hearing nothing but amazing things from everyone about how it's a mega gory mash up of all things 80s retro camp, I just couldn't wait to have my mind blown as well. Sadly my mind wasn't blown, or at least blown completely off.

I liked this film, I really did. It is nothing but goofy fun from start to finish accompanied by an amazing synth score from Le Matos. When you hear people refer to this as BMX BANDITS meets MAD MAX, it is literally that plus the enthusiasm of early Peter Jackson or Sam Raimi. What I like most about the film that it never manages to takes itself too seriously. It's emotional level is always kept at a level of light heartiness (except for a certain death at the end that was totally unnecessary) but it just doesn't let anything distract itself from the enjoyment it sets out to create. The characters, plot, bike chases, and especially the kills all feel like they were made by kids running around and playing in their backyard and it's that sincerity that I miss most from films these days.

It just felt like something was missing though. Maybe it was because you could feel the budget restraints at certain points and something was seriously off with the editing. I'm not sure if the editing was supposed to clunky in certain areas given that the filmmakers are going for a full throwback, but it definitely caught my attention, just not in a good way.

But besides minor complaints this is one throwback film that's worth your time. It wears its influences and heart on its sleeve and for the most part delivers to your expectations.

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