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  • Tangerines



    Film #16 in March Around the World 2020 - Georgia

    I just chose this film because I was struggling to find films for March Around the World 2020 - I'm so glad I chose this one.

    I don't give out 5 stars lightly, but this was wholly deserving.

    Set in a rural village during the 1992-1993 War in Abkhazia, Tangerines concerns an Estonian tangerine farmer who brings two men from opposing forces to his house after they are gravely wounded…

  • Kedi



    Film #15 in March Around the World 2020 - Turkey

    I have to say, watching cats run around for an hour is pretty therapeutic!

    This was so enjoyable and wholesome. There's not a great deal to Kedi, but perhaps that's what makes it so good.

    Probably wouldn't recommend to those who dislike cats, although this might be enough to turn them.

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  • Rushmore



    Film #7 in March Around the World 2020 - United States of America

    I've always meant to see this film, and as always Wes Anderson lives up to expectations. He has singlehandedly popularised the quirky comedy, and his films always have that particular look that you recognise at first glance.

    Anderson's second film is a joy to watch, one that I could really connect with. It also serves as a reminder of how good Bill Murray is, who was a…

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    A film which proudly states it is "based on an actual lie", The Farewell is a tear-jerking bittersweet comedy which provides food for thought in terms of dealing with grief, not your usual comedic storyline! With almost universal praise by critics and audiences alike, Lulu Wang's film is already widely considered to be one of the best movies released in 2019.

    This is a deeply moving and unexpectedly playful film, which provides a look at how other cultures deal with…