Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Okay so like... How is this movie good? I won’t spoil it but the structure of this movie and some of the personality traits of specific characters should have just made this movie a bore, but it wasn’t. Actually, it’s one of the best this year has to offer. 

I could just write this whole review around Ana De Armas because at the end of the day she is the heart and soul of the movie.

Technically Knives out is near perfect, beautiful but simplistic cinematography, perfectly paced and perfectly timed editing. But at the core what makes this movie work is the mystery, gonna be honest, it fooled me for the most part. I was able to figure out a few things, but for the most part yeah, it fooled me. That’s a hard thing to do nowadays. 

As far as the rest of the cast goes, everyone was at the top of their game. But Jaeden Lieberher’s character was absolutely useless, he was just there to be the butt of jokes (granted he was the butt of some of the funniest jokes in the film) there is maybe a one minute period where he’s actually relevant to the story. 

Knives out ends up being one of the most entertaining and well crafted movies of the year, with a great story, a fantastic cast that is at the top of their game, knives out is without a dull moment.

Score: A

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