Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ★★★

I’m going to be honest, from a filmmaking standpoint this movie is quite bad. The dialogue is horrendous, the structure is choppy and inconsistent, the acting is wooden, and the cgi is just..... yeah.... Let’s just say they over used CGI so much in this movie that I was actually relived when they used a real set for the Tantive’s interior 

Emotionally I feel like you are only rewarded if you watched the Clone Wars, especially the scene between Anakin and Obi-wan on Mustafar. A lot of that is the fault of Attack of the clones because in that movie you never feel their friendship, and the same goes here. They have absolutely no chemistry what so ever. Padme and Anakin are also just as emotionless and boring as the previous two movies.

The lightsaber fights in this movie are overused and over choreographed. This movie takes lightsaber fights and makes them about the fights rather than the story, which I think is a bad decision. The choreography is also extremely over done and everything just looks so staged and over the top, especially the mustafar fight. I would say the dooku fight is probably my favorite of the bunch.

How, as I said. I really do have a soft spot for this movie due to it being my favorite movie in elementary school. Like, the action between the clones and droids is badass (wish we got more.) The opening scene is actually quite cool as well, that whole sequence up until they crash the ship is actually pretty cool. A lot of the stuff on Utupau is pretty great, I love what we saw of the battle of Kashyyk. The order 66 sequence is genuinely beautiful mostly thanks to John Williams score, which is consistently beautiful and gripping throughout the film.

I honestly am really sad to see how poorly this movie has aged. From it’s terrible dialogue to its cartoony clone cgi, this movie is a hot mess. But I will never not have a soft spot for it, the only reason it’s even getting a positive score is my own personal bias.

Score: C+

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