Batman ★★★★½

It’s not seamless but I think this is still one of the greatest technical achievements in blockbuster filmmaking. So much so that the biggest takeaway from this films success wasn’t that we needed more big budget adaptations of already popular IPs but more comic book movies set in something resembling the gothic expressionist world that Burton created here. I could see how that would be the takeaway too as a comic characters world has yet to be more well realized. I love the Nolan movies but Burton’s Batman and especially Returns feel apart of my DNA. The look of it, the sound of it and the interpretation of these characters are simply genre defining. Could go on and on about how much I love Keaton and Nicholson here or how Elfman’s score is THE theme for the character, but I’d just be talking in circles. It’s all just great, I’ll never get tired of it.

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