Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★½

It’s a mess but I’ve always had a soft spot for this one. Something about Schumacher’s campy, neon packed interpretation of Batman kind of works for me. It of course was taken to near ludicrous levels in the next movie but I think this found the sweet spot, finding room for some leftover for Burton’s more brooding vision of the character while mixing it with his more inherently wacky aspects. The overall level of horniness especially is pretty much on par with Returns, most of all with Kidman’s character who’s defining characteristic is that she really wants to fuck Batman. Still wish that Two-Face wasn’t in this though, along with Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones is basically just playing The Joker. He also just doesn’t do much beyond being motivation for Robin and it doesn’t help that he’s just terrible in this. One last thing is Kilmer. Never really thought much of him as Batman before but he really clicked for me on this watch. A lot of of the time he’s definitely just doing a Keaton impression but every now and then some his quirks shine through. Apparently a lot more material exploring the internal conflict we only ever see glimpses of was cut out in favor of the more theatrical tone but man is that something I really want to see. His portrayal of Batman as this broken and tortured individual who’s emotionally detached from nearly everyone in his life, while nothing new, really connects.

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