Candyman ★★½

Nia DaCosta has a great sense of crafting scares, she knows exactly where to place her camera, framing every creepy occurrence to its maximum effect. If only this script was more focused, this movie needs to tell you it’s about something instead of being about it. Horror isn’t something that should be spelled out this easy and that’s precisely why the original movie is as good as it is. The 1992 film’s narrative was much more complicated, constantly raising questions and contradictions, where this one leaves little room for subtlety. That could be fine and all but unfortunately none of these ideas even get to breathe, nothings ever expanded upon, and all the complexity of Candyman as a character gets lost in the shuffle, instead the script stops everything dead in tracks to explain away its significance. Like I said before, it all comes off more like you’re being taught a lesson of the horrors of gentrification and policing more so than a horror movie that’s actually about it.

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