Fast Five

Fast Five ★★★

Even if it feels the most confident out of any of these yet, I honestly just wasn’t getting what was supposed to feel so fresh about this one for most of the runtime. Really wasn’t caught up in the whole greatest hits of the series narrative it had going on, especially since Tyrese and Sung Kang, who are easily the two best parts of this series, felt pretty underutilized. Mostly though this feels pretty light on thrills at least until the final 30 minutes? Lin frequently struggles to piece his action sequences together coherently and find anything exciting out of them, and a lot of what we get from him here is no different. This might sound a bit too negative but wow does the final act save it. Love how much this just says “fuck it” and revels in its stupidity. The giant safe being pulled through Rio with all the senseless vehicular and property destruction that follows is an all timer of a setpiece.

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