Tenet ★★★★

Holy Shit. There’s something sort of revelatory in revisiting this time and just saying “fuck it” from the start. Nolan is a total technician, completely confident in his craft and uninterested in holding our hands here. There’s something to sort of admire about that I think and it’s refreshing considering the expository nature of most of his films. He doesn’t even seem to have a full grasp on what he’s creating here either and in a way, it allows for his filmmaking to feel as expressive and even abstract as it ever has. Structurally going forward and backwards through time simultaneously, breaking any sort of conventional standards for how the typical big budget blockbuster plays out. This is just non stop movement, only focused on visceral impact, almost to the point where it verges into total abstraction. It may not make any goddamn sense, it may even just be a movie about guys being dudes, but “I can’t explain, you literally just have to watch it. It’s very fire.”

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