Cabin Boy ★★½

It is obvious that Tim Burton was supposed to directed this because his aesthetics are all over the place from the soundtrack to the childlike sense of glee and joke delivery. However, unlike Burton, who should have directed this instead of Mars Attacks!, there are many problems with this movie and they all stem from a lack of direction. Most of the film has a PG family comedy vibe to it; However, the film also includes things that are very adult, mainly the sexual references like when Nathan "becomes a cabin man" or when he and the crew first meets Trina.

Another problem is that it takes itself too seriously. Unless you're gonna look like Spielberg's Hook, you can't be a serious movie. In fact, between the cheap set design and the cliche jokes, I felt like I was watching a sitcom most of the time. That is also a reference to both the acting and character development; the writer here just throws his backstories without giving proper introductions.

On the other hand, Chris Elliott's performance is very underrated as he plays the immature, idiotic, selfish but good natured, oblivious man boy better than Will Ferrell, who's made his whole career of it.

Overall, this film could've actually been good because the plot isn't bad; it's like a comedic version of Valhalla Rising; it had a lot of potential that Burton could've saved, but he didn't. This is not a film I would recommend but is still relatively enjoyable.