Dennis B. Hooper

Film and TV professional in LA. I’ve worked on one or two things people’ve heard of and a looooooooooot they haven’t

Favorite films

  • 'Round Midnight
  • Rivers and Tides
  • Topsy-Turvy
  • Lawrence of Arabia

Recent activity

  • Gattaca


  • Ronin


  • The Social Network


  • Brick


Recent reviews

  • Ronin



    (1) This is really one of the S-Tier middle aged guy movies because it has absolutely sensational action scenes where you run on pure adrenaline and don’t have to think at all but also enough plot that’s conveyed subtextually that you still get to feel smart when you’re able to keep up. But also (2) there’s nothing that’s confusing in one scene that isn’t just laid right out for you in the next. (3) Sean Bean is the weakest part…

  • Training Day

    Training Day


    Great performances, decent direction, pretty dumb script. Waiting 22 years to watch this isn’t feeling like as much of a mistake as I thought it would be

Popular reviews

  • Moonrise Kingdom

    Moonrise Kingdom


    Wasn’t really into this until one of the actors forced Hard Mike to watch the scene from Son of the Mask where jamie kennedy as the titular mask, sings frankie valli in every musical genre known to 2005. Now I think it’s a masterpiece.

  • The Fabelmans

    The Fabelmans


    Awarding the Perfect Final Shot Award to this film, narrowly beating out Tár.